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We help hotels to sell successfully in internet, offering website booking engine and E-commerce solutions.

ED for hotels team are hoteliers, having strong business experience in hospitality, internet Sales and Marketing, E-commerce, Revenue Management and distribution, IT and web development.

We are happy to serve hotels located in all EU countries.


ED for hotels

Kloostri tee 6, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 503 1965

Reg.no 11994328
VAT No: EE101397159

Meet our team

Kairi Lipstok
Member of the Board / Marketing
E-mail: kairi@edhotels.com

Helina Viik
Member of the Board /
E-commerce & Revenue Management
E-mail: helina@edhotels.com

Martin Orav
Member of the Board / IT
E-mail: martin@edhotels.com

Inga Kinnas
ED BOOKING Brand Manager
E-mail: inga@edhotels.com

Kätlin Tõusme
ED BOOKING Account Manager
E-mail: katlin@edhotels.com

Kairi Stokgolm
Revenue Manager
E-mail: kairi.stokgolm@edhotels.com

Maria Andrekson
Project Manager
E-mail: maria@edhotels.com

Aleksandra Žmaka
Project Manager
E-mail: aleksandra@edhotels.com

Keidi Kruusandi
System Administrator
E-mail: keidi@edhotels.com

Mikk Mario Mõistlik
Senior Developer
E-mail: mikk@edhotels.com

Daniel Vasser
E-mail: daniel@edhotels.com

Risto Laineste
Website Designer
E-mail: risto@edhotels.com

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