How to get more direct bookings?



How to get more direct bookings?

Never ending topic and one of the top challenges hotels are facing.

We all agree that booking direct is the best value for a guest and a hotel.

In this blog, we`re going to bring out main steps to take so that you can drive maximum bookings from your hotel`s website.

Hotel website booking engine

Face of your hotel brand

Keep your information updated in all language options your website has. And don`t underestimate the value of a good photo on website! A photo with good emotion attracts your client more than a page full of text. Keep it simple and easy to navigate.

Check that your website is mobile friendly – it should be accessible on mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. The more accessible you are on different devices, the higher number of bookings you`ll get.

Perform search engine optimization (SEO) of your hotel website. A good SEO strategy is essential for improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.

Pop-up windows and BOOK NOW button

Clients has found your webpage – they read the information about your hotel and services but they haven`t made a booking yet. Do you have BOOK NOW button that is attractive and easily found?

Use a pop-up window to alert clients about different offers, „best rate guaranteed“, etc.

Bear in mind that the pop-up should be easily skipped or closed easily – you don`t want frustrated visitor.

Best Price Guarantee and direct booking benefits

It´s vital to inform clients that booking direct from your website has the best value.

Make sure that you can Guarantee the Best Price on your website. Even if it`s not a discount from room price you can always use add-ons – special offers (upgrade, late check-out etc.) or additional facilities (breakfast, free WiFi, transfers etc.)

Special offers or packages (Stay 2+ nights & Save; Mother`s Day package etc.) can be displayed on pop-up window or on opening page of your website.

Most OTA`s don´t have the possibility to display that information on the listing page.

And if you feel like you are giving away money with direct bookings then you should look at the other side of the coin. You will be saving money on commissions and you`ll get direct contact with a client and that is not something to underestimate.

Google Ads

Investing in Google Ads as advertisements are a great way of boosting your online presence. It doesn`t happen overnight but if you have a right strategy you`ll witness the increase in direct bookings.

Start with baby steps today, stay persistent and results will come!

Loyal clients and promo codes

Your repeat guests want to feel special and you don`t have to run a huge loyalty program to get more personalized relationship with them.

Boost repeat bookings through your website by giving discount or exclusive deals to repeat clients. And the easiest way is to give out special prices with promo codes for the next time visit.

A direct booking will be definitely a repeat one in the future.

Social media

A huge topic to cover but let`s keep it simple – social media is a great platform to promote your property, offer deals and promotions.

Keep your social media profiles alive and updated. That means that you should make 1-2 posts per week. When you choose to be on Facebook or Instagram you have to be available 24/7, a

Make sure that when you post an offer on social media you add a direct link with an offer to your homepage`s booking engine. This way your potential guest won`t be wondering off to other sites.

Google Map – another solution next to FB and Instagram to be available for guests as it allows the access to your website.

Check that the information on official tourism sites ( is correct and updated. You can add website information and a direct booking engine link.

Social proof and reviews

Reviews play a big role in your guests’ purchase decision. Guests will check your ratings, testimonials and followers before making the reservation.

Showcase recent and positive reviews on your website as it will have a definite effect.

It wouldn`t hurt to ask you guests for a feedback in Google or social media accounts.

Please remember that it`s not enough to collect feedback, responding them is as important. Try to give a response to each one (not just a bad review) – it shows that you get engaged with your clients and show your real interest in the experience they had.

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