Europe’s hoteliers say ‘no’ to Booking.com

  1. In response to Booking.com’s offer to loosen rate parity requirements for hotels, HOTREC, the umbrella association for hotels in Europe, says the offer does not go far enough and want’s to restore complete entrepreneurial freedom for hoteliers to set their pricing – including their own website.
  2. HOTREC, the organisation representing the hotel sector in Europe, opposes to any commitment by Online Travel Agents trying to maintain parity clauses in hotel room distribution in one form or the other. Complete entrepreneurial freedom of hoteliers shall be restored allowing them to set their prices for any kind of distribution channel according to their business purposes.
  3. Under the current parity conditions applied on the market, hoteliers’ hands are bound and their entrepreneurial freedom is undermined, as they are not able to decide themselves which room prices and conditions to offer on the different distribution channels. This is restricting competition and customers will be denied from the possibility of enjoying the full benefits of competition.


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