Google Map Maker is back in our Region

After Google decided to temporarily shut down Google Map Maker tool in May 2015, the service is now back in Estonia.

Google Map Maker tool was unavailable for 3 moths due to vandalism on maps. Now all changes on maps first go to moderator review before publishing your edits. Country-specific moderators should assure that there will be no culturally insentive or offensive material on the maps.

Polygon editing has also been disabled now, so now, creating shaded areas to show forests ranges, parks, big areas, etc, has been disabled. This was the source of most vandalisms and led to the temporay shut down of the service.

As Map Maker is to be opened in phases there are still some countries in our region that needs to be patient with the re-launch of this tool – such as Latvia and Lithuania.


What is Google Map Maker?

Google Map Maker is the tool where you can add or edit your company aadress and details in Google Maps.


In our region Google Map Make is available in:

  • Russia
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Poland


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