How TripAdvisor is changing hotel strategies

TripAdvisor’s influence on travel booking continues to grow. 79% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 46% of travelers read online reviews before booking a hotel. 


TripAdvisor’s influence is evident in its search position, as it appears on the first page of organic search results for 99% of unbranded search terms. That’s why many hotel brands have recognized working with TripAdvisor as inevitable. Hotels are joining TripAdvisor Instant Booking platform. It means you add your TripAdvisor account direct link to your booking engine and you will pay per stay.


But success on TripAdvisor also requires a strategy for visibility, which can be improved by using high-trafficked keywords in description, investing in property page content, and decreasing the response time to guest reviews. Yet, few brands are following these straightforward procedures. Just half (53%) respond to guest reviews on TripAdvisor and take on average a week to respond. How you are managing your TripAdvisor account?



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