Virtual tours

In partnership with AVAR we offer you possibility to create virtual tours of your property. Virtual tour is a practical tool, which will increase your sales and grant you extra time to do the things most important for your business.

Virtual tour is not just another cool thing which you can compare with a promo video or a nice picture. Virtual tour will excel on your homepage, in social media, in Google street view and in your everyday communication. Virtual tour directly influences your SEO and your position in the Google rankings. This means more clients!


  • Clients anticipate what is waiting for them.
  • Virtual tours can be used in social media campaigns to bring the participants on your homepage. This will increase the relevance of your page in the eyes of Google. Virtual tour also keeps the visitor on your page longer, which is extremely important.
  • You win money and time, because you don’t have to go and show your (conference) rooms to visitors who are on the lookout for a venue. People receive the necessary information from the virtual tour.
  • You give clients interactive overview of your services and activities.


  • Excellent and smooth 3D journey in your rooms. Feel as if you were physically experiencing the venue.
  • Different rooms / parts of the venue comfortably choosable from the menu ribbon.
  • Everything important to you can be mentioned in the clickable info buttons in the virtual tour. Info buttons can be used in the social media campaigns – for example asking clients to find something in the virtual tour.
  • Floor plan – to see the full size and potential of the room in the overview mode, including furniture dimensions.
  • Choose the storey easily and comfortably with a single click of a button.
  • You can put the mobile friendly virtual tour on your homepage and it will start playing automatically when the visitor scrolls down and reaches the tour.
  • PLAY button makes it extremely easy and comfortable to check out the rooms and go through the virtual tour. Especially while using your phone!
  • Dollhouse view – excellent overview of your real estate as a unified, 3D model.

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