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Student housing

This is something for all the student hotels, student housings, university dormitories, campuses and guest apartments!

Our ED BOOKING allows you to receive bookings for long stay period and short stay period, i.e a combined solution based on your need and interest. An ideal solution for student housing/hotel/campus and guest apartment that offer a long stay accommodation.

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ED BOOKING engine advantages


Long term accommodation period

ED BOOKING allows to make reservations by semester and/or month.

Guest information

ED BOOKING has the possibility to ask guest information according to long stay period (ID code, date of birth, sex etc.)


ED BOOKING allows you to send out standard rental contract for the client.

Multiple payment options

Receive a prepayment of 2-3 month rent at the time of receiving the reservation or send out automatically information about your bank details and terms of payment.

  • Functionality
  • Setup
  • General service
  • Design to match your current website

    Personalised design for every hotel website according to hotel CVI and brand website design (fonts, colors, logo).


    Booking engine:

    Availability of rooms/beds by semester

    Request of additional client information

    Requesting additional customer data (personal ID code, date of birth, gender, etc.) based on the long-term accommodation period.

    Multiple payment options

    Student can pay 100% of the total stay or 2-3 months rent at the time of making the reservation with a bank card or via bank link.


    Send the rent agreement to the customer's e-mail

    Set-up with Scoro

    Set-up with Scoro allows you to keep all the customer information in one database.

    Pop-up window to highlight important information

    Sell extra services

    Automated and personal pre/after-stay letters

    Book by semester

    ED BOOKING allows you to receive reservations by semester and/or month.

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  • Personal design to match your current website

    Personalised design for every hotel website according to hotel CVI and brand website design (fonts, colors, logo).

    Room information

    We will add room descriptions and photos with unique selling points.

    Rate and extra service information

    We will add rates and extra services with description and booking conditions.

    Integration with website

    Integration with online payment providers

    Integration with online payment providers – MakeCommerce and/or PayPal.

    Google Analytics for statistics

    Integration of website+booking engine account with Google Analytics.

    We`ll make everything ready

    All you have to do is provide input. We will provide you with a functioning booking system.

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  • 24/7 personal account manager

    Creating new rates and extra services

    Updating information and photos

    Recommendations to increase sales

    Analysis of statistics website+booking engine

    Support and assistance

    Personal account manager is available 24/7. We`ll continue to assist you in your daily work.

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Scoro business management software helps you with every aspect of your business. From the first ‘Hello’ to the final invoice.



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