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Revenue Management

High occupancy and financial success are never an accident. Learn effective strategies to maximise earnings. Drawing on decades of experience as hoteliers, we’ve developed a series of workshops. Make RM second nature to your key people.

Our team has one of the best revenue managers in the city – Kairi Stokgolm. She has worked in the hotel business since 1995. Most of the time in the sales team and in recent years as a revenue manager. She has in-depth knowledge of RM, sales and marketing. Graduate of Cornell University with a Master of Revenue Management. Kairi lectures RM as a guest lecturer at Tallinn School of Service.

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  • Outsourced revenue management

    Revenue manager missing?! You have a small hotel, spa, hostel and you don’t have enough workload to cover the employment costs of one person. Have you ever thought about outsourcing the revenue managers position? No extra costs, no office space needed, no communications cost, no IT costs…

    Taking care of everything from segmenting, pricing, fencing, forecasting.

    Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed!

    Mentoring revenue management

    You have a smart person in the hotel who would be an excellent fit for a revenue manager, but he/she lacks experience. In the course of work, you learn the best, and here I come to the rescue and train your person as the first-class revenue manager. I will work with the future revenue manager you have chosen and train at the same time – we will set up segmentation, pricing, restrictions, availability up until forecasts.

    I give specific guidelines that consolidate knowledge and take revenue management to a new level.

    Confidentiality is, of course, guaranteed and the duration of the project will be agreed upon.

    Revenue management consulting


    The initial task is set in cooperation between me and the client. This may include increasing the efficiency of online booking channels, streamlining revenue management processes, as well as more efficient use of PMS for revenue management.

    We set goals and schedules and constantly monitor and control progress, ensuring the success of the project.


    The purpose of the audit is to optimize revenue management strategies. An in-depth analysis will identify one or more key areas that have the potential to increase revenue and areas that could be improved, and all would focus on the end result. This could be, for example, the implementation of new forecasting procedures, changes in public pricing and a new segmentation strategy, and much more.

    We set goals and schedules and constantly monitor and control progress, ensuring the success of the project. After the end of the project, we offer a follow-up check that things will continue according to the set goals and expectations


    We are moving together in a well-thought-out process to be sure of its success from the start. To get started, we need to understand your hotel’s processes and needs, before evaluating the competition to properly position the hotel in the marketplace. Moving forward through segmentation and strategies, we provide you with the tools, knowledge, and processes you need to accomplish them and achieve your goals.

    We will continue to monitor your performance and provide follow-up to make sure things are moving in the right direction.

    Revenue management training

    Different modules starting from introduction to revenue management to forecasting and online selling methods. I have been dedicated to spreading the knowledge of revenue management around as it is still not used or partially used, and it is one of the most important leverages to use in the hotel business. The days of just changing the prices are long gone…

    Revenue management culture should be implemented in all the departments of the hotel. All the people in the hotel should have basic knowledge of revenue management.

    Property Management System revenue management configuration

    Garbage in – garbage out… We live in an age of data.

    For successful revenue management, the most important tool for hotels is PMS.

    Does your hotel have a clear understanding of how and why a PMS (property management system) can be used? What information can be obtained from the program? How does this help your hotel as a whole? In order to make decisions that lead forward, we need data on which to base decisions – segmentation, pricing system, fencing, customer profiles, breakdown of turnover by the department, collection and analyzing of statistics, and much more.

    I will work with the team you have selected to set up a turnover management system in the hotel program to help you make the right decisions based on statistics.

    Confidentiality is certainly guaranteed.

    We take care of everything…

    from segmenting, pricing, fencing, forecasting.

    Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed!

    Training from 490 € and consultancy from 89 € / h.

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