Referral programme

Help us to spread the word about BOUK PMS!

Do you like our BOUK PMS? You can earn rewards for recommending BOUK PMS to hotel, apartment, holiday home or hostel.

  • Receive €150 per property from 10 – 50 rooms that sign up.
  • Receive €250 per property from 51 – … rooms that sign up.

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How does
it work?

Spread the word amongst your contacts and notify that you have sent a recommendation, or fulfil the form below.

Your name will be attached to the potential hotel’s account and, once a contract has been signed, you can issue an invoice for your commission. For hotel chains, you will get paid per hotel within the chain that signs with BOUK PMS. Of course, any referred hotels or contacts will have to be properties we are not already in contact with.  A bank account will be required to receive the commission.

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