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  • Regular service
  • Design to match your current website

    Personalised design for every hotel website according to hotel CVI and brand website design (fonts, colors, logo).

    ED booking

    Possible to sell all the services

    Possible to sell accommodation and all the other services (saunas, excursions etc).

    Direct connectivity with Booking.com, Airbnb and Expedia portals

    Availability and price calendar

    Availability and price calendar displays the lowest available rate per day per person and shows restrictions like “min 2-night stay” etc and sold-out dates.

    Availability calender | ED BOOKING

    Sell spa accommodation packages

    Flexibility to create and sell combined packages (accommodation with spa treatment etc.). Dynamic pricing and direct link for booking engine from a certain offer on your website.

    Packages | ED BOOKING

    Multi-room booking

    Possible to choose different room types, prices and extra services during one booking process.

    Possible to present "Special offers"

    Special rate with promo code

    Create special hidden rates available only with promo code for targeted customers (for campaigns, conferences, companies etc.).

    Set up child rate

    You can set up pricing rules for children based on age. According to these rules, an extra fee is added on top of any rate you set up.

    Children pricing | ED BOOKING

    Direct URL link from website to ED BOOKING engine

    You can add a direct link next to the package description on your website to make the booking process quicker for the client.



    Pop-up window

    Easy way to motivate clients to book direct or to promote seasonal offers and special events.

    Sell extra services

    Additional services | ED BOOKING Additional services | ED BOOKING


    An attractive last-minute offer for a guest to book a more luxurious room.

    Automated and personal pre/after-stay letters

    Possibility to send a greeting letter before the client’s arrival date to welcome him/her at your hotel. The pre-stay letter gives you an opportunity to remind the client about the hotel reservation and sell extra services if desired.

    Pre-stay email | ED BOOKING

    Thank the client for the stay with an invitation to leave feedback. Feedback can be given to either Tripadvisor environment, Google environment or just give a rating in the email + comments.

    After stay email | ED BOOKING

    Online check-in

    Registration card that is filled in prior clients arrival, gives you the possibility for more personal communication with the client and additional time to introduce your hotel and services.

    Online check in | ED BOOKING

    Multiple payment options

    Clients have an option to pay at the hotel, guarantee the reservation with debit/credit card or make a prepayment by Visa/Master debit/credit card or via bank link (greatest banks of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland).

    Online payment options | ED BOOKING

    Identification of a person during bank card acceptance

    The service is secure and complies with the PSD2 directive. At the same time, you eliminate the possibility that the customer can dispute the payment.

    Connectivity with channel managers

    CHM ühendus | ED booking

    Advising notes for clients

    If the customer’s initial search has not produced a desired result, the booking engine will actually give instructions on how to proceed – changing the number of adults and/or children in one room, changing the dates of the stay, changing the length of the stay, etc.

    Possibility to add a free-form notice to inform the customer about regular maintenance and repairs in the hotel, etc.

    Advising messages for clients | ED BOOKING

    Booking Engine for your website

    Need a website? Choose from beautiful, customizable templates. Or ask us about a tailor-made hotel website design, which suits your market and brand.

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  • Design to match your current website

    Personalised design for every hotel website according to hotel CVI and brand website design (fonts, colors, logo).

    Room information

    We will add room descriptions and photos with unique selling points.

    Rate and extra service information

    We will add rates and extra services with description and booking conditions.

    Integration with website

    Integration with online payment providers

    Integration with online payment providers – MakeCommerce and/or PayPal.

    Integration with channel manager

    CHM ühendus | ED booking

    Google Analytics for statistics

    Integration of website+booking engine account with Google Analytics.

    Room and rate information

    Input and cooperation – this is all we need from you.  We will add room descriptions and photos, rates and extra services with booking conditions.

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  • 24/7 personal account manager

    Creating new rates and extra services

    Updating information and photos

    Creating promo code and direct URL link

    Recommendations to increase sales

    Analysis of statistics website+booking engine

    Support and assistance

    Personal account manager is available 24/7. We`ll continue to assist you in your daily work.

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