Campaign for smoke saunas


From idea to implementation

Starting point

Visit Võru team, together with the owners of the smoke saunas, came up with the idea to make a unified campaign for the smoke saunas in Southern Estonia. Various bottlenecks emerged during the discussion.

Too much to do, not enough time. You can’t be available all the time for phone calls and emails to deal with booking requests.
Pre-payment. Heating a smoke sauna is time consuming and it has often happened that the customer cancels at the last minute or won’t come at all. You lose time and money!

Our solution

During the discussion with the Visit Võru team, it became clear that by redeveloping our booking engine, we can offer a solution suitable for smoke saunas. Customer can choose the date from the availability calendar, make a reservation and payment.

We did everything for the client, which included the creation of booking system for all smoke saunas (design, prices, information, pictures inserting). Each smoke sauna received its own personal booking engine url, which can be easily added wherever the customer wants.


See the smoke sauna campaign from Visit Võru site.

This solution is suitable for..

The day-based booking engine solution is suitable for anyone who wants to sell a sauna service, excursions, trainings or other daily services / events.

See the day-based booking engine solution demo