MakeCommerce x BOUK PMS



BOUK & MakeCommerce simplify payment processing for accommodation providers

BOUK by ED for hotels and MakeCommerce by Maksekeskus have created a connection that makes it easier and more secure for accommodation providers to accept payments.

MakeCommerce offer for BOUK PMS users the following benefits:

  • Affordable payment initiation services allow customers to pay for their booking immediately, without having to leave the BOUK booking system;
  • backup payment solution ensures that customers can pay even if the MakeCommerce payment initiation service is not available;
  • free refunds make customer service easier and more flexible;
  • 0-euro transactions for card authorization allow customers to securely authenticate their card before making a payment.

Additionally, BOUK customers can now purchase card terminals from MakeCommerce at discounted rates, which allows them to accept cards at their accommodation facility on-site.

If you are interested in the services and want to implement them, please leave your details and we will contact you to introduce all the possibilities.

What is BOUK PMS?

BOUK by ED for hotels is a software solution developed in Estonia that is designed for sales and management of accommodation and services. It includes a website booking system, connection to accommodation portals, an e-gift card store, and a management system, and is very popular among many accommodation providers.

What does BOUK enable? The BOUK sales and management system allows customers to book hotel rooms, saunas, excursions, packages, and meeting rooms both directly from the website and through accommodation portals, and allows staff to manage all incoming orders.

BOUK is a simple and logical system for the user, allowing you to do everything you need in one place, including generating invoices and viewing reports. With the help of the BOUK software, you can also offer customers contactless arrival and departure, opening and closing doors automatically.

BOUK PMS is perfect for hotels, hostels, guest apartments, and holiday homes.

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