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selling services in one system

BOUK is a multi-service booking system that allows the daily selling and management of various services and products, offering different pricing options such as hourly rates, daily rates, seasonal rates, etc.

Customers can book suitable products and services online, taking into account different needs – such as saunas, excursions, birthday rooms, dinners, RV parking spots, boat rentals, and more.

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Multi-service booking system BOUK by ED for hotels

Some examples of what can be sold with BOUK


Transportation vehicles

  • Offer parking spaces for RVs, to spend a vacation, like Silma Retreat in Haapsalu does
  • Merikoivula offers boats for fishing in the archipelago in Finland
  • Rent bicycles

Gift cards

Sell gift cards to customers, which can be used to pay for your products and services in BOUK.
The gift cards are easy to use and can be purchased in various amounts according to the customer’s preference. Bouk gift cards are a modern solution for accommodation providers who want to offer additional value to their customers and increase revenue.

See an example from JOHAN SPA

The BOUK sales and management system is a comprehensive solution for accommodation providers that allows you to manage reservations, billing, and guest management.
Multi-service booking system BOUK allows to book and manage accommodation and other services, such as breakfast, spa treatments, transportation, and other services. Customers can pay for these additional services through a web-based payment solution, and the system allows accommodation providers to bill all services in one place.

With the BOUK platform, you can expand your services and grow your customer base while providing quality customer service and a convenient booking experience.

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