City hotels

  • Possible to sell accommodation and all the other services (saunas, conference rooms etc).
  • ED BOOKING is connected with, Airbnb, availability and prices calendar.
  • Multiple payment options, incl. invoicing.
  • Special rates for corporate clients, conferences, events etc.
  • Possible to sell gift cards and pay with them.


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FREE & QUICK set up

It takes an average of 4 days and a minimum of your time because we manage all.

Online booking for corporate clients

Special rates for corporate partners, special prices for events and conferences, invoice payment option. All this provided by ED BOOKING.

Multiple payment options

Plenty of different payment options, including payment by invoice for corporate customers and automated online payments by Visa / Master + bank links / PayPal.

Availability and price calendar

The calendar displays the lowest available rate per day per person and shows restrictions like “min 2-night stay” etc and sold-out dates.


ED BOOKING allows you to sync and Airbnb for updating rates and availability.



Online travel agencies

Homepage booking engine can be integrated with online travel agencies and, you can handle prices and availability from the same place.

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ED BOOKING can be connected with SiteMinder channel manager to update availability and rates in real-time.


A point of sales financing solution. Supporting payments from all Baltic banks, soon everywhere in Europe.

Panklink transaction fee 0,05€. Montonio has a minimum invoice of 5€ which is only applicable if the e-commerce is making less than 100 transactions a month. No invoice will be sent if the e-commerce hasn’t made any transactions during the month.


A complete worldwide payment platform. EU cards 1.4% + 0.25€ per transaction.


Igloohome locks enables doors to be locked and unlocked, access rights to be administered with the date and time restrictions.

Valnes weblock

Valnes weblock enables doors to be locked and unlocked, access rights to be administered with the date and time restrictions.

Smart accounts

With SmartAccounts software, you can easily create invoices, manage your purchases, calculate salaries and keep track of your fixed assets and inventory. And everything is easy to use.



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City hotels

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By entrusting your hotel website to us, you do not have to worry about a heavy workload, because we do all the work for you. All you need is input and cooperation.

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