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Sales and management are now in one place!
BOUK is a hospitality software developed in Estonia that provides you with all the possibilities to run an accommodation facility easily and effortlessly. BOUK helps you sell and manage accommodation, tours, saunas, offices, and other services.

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Online booking in your website

  • Sell all services directly to the customer from your website, together or separately – for example, accommodation, saunas, excursions, gift cards, etc;
  • linking different prices, setting restrictions and rules – for example, a minimum of 2 nights, pay for 2 get 3, hourly sales;
  • temporarily close sales on the website for maintenance or major cleaning, with eye-catching, differently coloured notices for customers;
  • overview of multiple accommodations on one page, along with additional services and products;
  • use icons instead of long descriptions if desired;
  • increasing sales with discount codes.


Money to the your account immediately

  • The most affordable payment intermediaries on the market, money to your account immediately;
  • Montonio ja Stripe, bank links 0,05 € transaction, Visa/MC 1,4% + 0.25€.



Contactless arrival and departure

  • With hotel management software BOUK you can obtain the contacts of early arrivals;
  • you can sell additional services to guests in their rooms;
  • if you use smart locks or code lockboxes, you can offer guests contactless arrival and departure;
  • connected to smart locks: Valnes and Igloohome


  • Calendar of ordered and available rooms;
  • managing all orders from one place;
  • you can exclude duplicate orders.

Connected calendar with and Airbnb

  • Availability calendar for accommodation is connected with’i, Airbnb and Expedia;
  • manage all orders from one place – both from your website, portals, and manually added orders;
  • Google Hotel Price Add option.

Sell all other services

  • Unlimited sales of additional services and products
  • saunas, excursions, dinners, etc;
  • in addition to accommodation, products and services that can be used at different times can be added to the shopping cart.

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Gift cards

  • Sell gift cards on your website;
  • the recipient can pay for accommodation as well as products and services on the website or on site;
  • simple gift card verification, management and statistics.
Look JOHAN SPA example


  • Invoice customers from the same place where you manage all orders;
  • receive prepayment invoices with a term for both private individuals and companies.

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