List and advertise your hotel on Google


Help guest find your business on Google

From B&B to holiday homes and resorts, hundreds of millions of traveler’s around the world search for hotels on Google. Connect with them directly using Google hotel FREE booking link and paid products and watch direct website bookings to grow.

Discover what Google can do for your hotel, apartment or holiday home. Google get started guide. 




Hotel free booking link in Google



Hotel FREE booking link helps to show up in Google

Whether you run a small bed and breakfast or a large resort, use FREE My Business Profile to verify your hotel details. When your Business Profile is complete, your hotel will appear on Google Search and Google Maps. Use FREE Google My Business Profile to display your hotel details, photos, and amenities on Google Search and Maps.

Highlight what you offer on your profile

Update your Business Profile regularly with essential information and content. Upload new photos, respond to every review and show your hotel’s amenities.


Use FREE booking links to get more direct bookings

Work with BOUK PMS direct booking engine to send your real-time rates and availability to Google. You can set your own rates – Google don’t require a Best Available Rate, but if you offer better price than OTA’s you have opportunity to get more direct bookings. Once your rates and availability are connected, FREE booking links will appear in your profile in Google,  so travellers can book directly on your hotel website.

With FREE booking links on your hotel`s Google profile, you can show real-time rates and availability and send customers to your booking engine. All at no cost from Google, more info.

To add FREE booking link in Google with BOUK BOOKING engine, contact us. Small set up and monthly service fee will apply.



Maximize direct bookings with paid Hotel Ads

Run Hotel Ads to promote your profile on Search and Maps. These ads appear in a hotel booking module that can show photos of the hotel, amenities, prices, and a link to book the hotel.

Now that your rates are connected, you have the option to expand your reach with Hotel Ads. Target specific markets and audiences, access additional reporting, and more. Plus, Hotel Ads lets you retain control of your terms and conditions, so you can run your business your way.

To run Hotel Ads in Google, contact us.