Weblock x BOUK PMS




Valnes WebLock provides hardware and software to manage doors online and enabling guests to enjoy a contactless accommodation experience or service access.

BOUK PMS is an all-in-one hospitality sales & management system (PMS). All you need is BOUK PMS because it’s easy to set up and includes a Property Management System (PMS), Booking Engine (IBE), Channel Manager, and Gift Card E-shop.

With the BOUK PMS interface connected to WebLock, guests can access their rooms or services independently after check-in. They receive mobile access or a personal entry code automatically, eliminating the need to download a mobile app.

Everyone saves time

Customers no longer need to meet with staff for check-in and check-out. They can check-in at their convenience, regardless of location. Accommodation and service providers save significant working hours and can use the extra time to better serve customers in other ways

There are two ways to start using Valnes WEBLOCK:
– an easy upgrade to your current hotel locks, a small controller is simply installed inside the hotel locks, which connects the locks to the internet via WIFI, meshnet, 5G, LAN, or BLE. WebLock Digital Lock Access controller works with most electrical locks and strikes;
– install new hotel locks, read more…

Why is BOUK so greate?

BOUK PMS is an all-in-one web-based software that allows you to sell and manage all other services in addition to accommodation – saunas, catering, meetings, etc. IGLUPARK is an example;

– beautiful and powerful online booking engine with Montonio payment gateway interface;
– gift card sales module, JOHAN SPA is an example;
– channel manager that connects availability and prices with, Hookusbookus, Airbnb, and;
– greeting and feedback emails to all arrivals; Integration with accounting software Merit Tarkvara and SmartAccounts;

Some customers who are already using the BOUK PMS x WebLock solution: Iglupark, Tiny Marienholm, Braavo Hotel.

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