How to protect your trademark in google adwords


Many hoteliers are probably noticed that when typing into Google search bar their own brand name then different online travel agencies appearing in search results with the same keyword in their ad title and description. Your hotel brand is your intellectual property and Google AdWords Terms & Conditions prohibit intellectual property infringement by advertisers.

Google Adwords trademark complaint form

When you notice some companies or online travel agencies using your hotel brand name in their  Google AdWords  title and description, then you should:

  1. Contact directly the advertiser and ask them not to use your brand name in their ads.
  2. You can fill the Google AdWords trademark complaint form where you can either specify a specific advertiser whom do you want to stop using your brand name in its ads,
  3. or you can also fill this form against all advertisers not to use your brand name in their ads. But here you should definitely provide a list of accounts who can use your trademark in Google ads (your own Google account, your Partners account who is providing you with an AdWords service etc.)

Hotels who notice other portals using their brand name in ads we strongly use to take one of the steps described above in order to gain more revenue from your own website.

Fill the Google Adwords Trademark complaint form

Source: Google Help for trademark owners