There are currently over 3.4 billion internet users around the world, and as online store owners, we want to reach as many of them as possible. There are two main advertising platforms that help us get there, Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads. But is one better than the other? Let’s have a more detailed look at both advertising tools below.

Facebook ADS advantages

Compared to all social platforms, Facebook has the highest number of monthly active users in the world, making it one of the digital advertising top dogs. Facebook helps merchants find potential customers based on the interests and online behavior of users.

  • Fantastic ROIs

The ability for advertisers to stretch their budget while maintaining a good return on investment, is one of the key advantages of Facebook Ads.

  • Detailed Audience Segmentation

Possibility to find potential shoppers based on the interests and behaviour of your current shoppers, allowing you to connect with customers in a way that businesses have never been able to before.

  • Highly Visual

Facebook Ads are designed to be seamless with people’s newsfeed content.Unlike most PPC campaigns and AdWords search ads, Facebook is inherently visual and remains so.

Google AdWords (paid search) advantages

With AdWords, you are paying for the potential of finding new customers based on search phrases and keywords. With over 3.5 billion daily search queries AdWords gives online stores an unparalleled reach to potential customers searching for services and goods.

  • Ad Format Variety

Through the years AdWords PPC has evolved to include ad extensions, user reviews, site links and location targeting — all providing customization and control to advertisers that are unparalleled. AdWords offers a format to suit any online store, designed to bring more targeted traffic.

  • Unprecedented Audiences

The audience volume that Google offers advertisers is by far the most superior and with its continued advancement, this will only increase.

  • Equal Opportunities

Despite what you believe, it is not advertisers with the largest budget that ‘win’ on AdWords. This is mostly because of Google putting so much emphasis on the quality of the advert rather than how much is spent on the ad.

Google AdWords vs Facebook comparative performance stats

Here are a few comparative stats on things that matter: reach, targeting, mobile and ROIs.

Reach & Mobile advertising optimization


  • Over 1.7 billion active monthly users
  • Over a trillion page views a month
  • Potential reach of 44% of the internet
  • Around 80% of ad revenue comes from mobile


  • Over 3.5 billion daily searches
  • 180 billion Searches a month
  • Potential reach of 90% of internet users
  • Around 84% of ad revenue comes from mobile

Targeting options


  • Facebook targeting options include location, behavior, demographics, interests, Lookalike, and by web custom audiences.


  • Google targeting options include location, keywords, demographics, negative keywords, language and by device.



  • Average eCommerce conversion rate is around 1 – 2 %
  • Average click-through rate is around 0.5%


  • Average eCommerce conversion rate is around 1.84%
  • Average click-through rate is around 2%

As you can see each platform has reach, targeting options and mobile advantages, however, the ROI’s are neck to neck.

The bottom line is, that both these platforms perform well and do so in areas where the other doesn’t. To get the most exposure for your store, with the best ROIs, you should be balancing between the two as they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

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