Promoted Hotels in Google Hotel Finder

In Google Hotel Finder there is an opportunity to search hotels by location, price, rating and it also present hotel photos and customer comments from different sources. Hotel price is presented from different OTA´s with link to book this hotel. From customer point of view, the Google Hotel Finder tool can be useful.


For hotels, the challenge is that there is no way to present price from their own branded website and Google Finder guide customers to book directly from hotel website. You can read an interesting debate that the situation is not fair for hotels and Google Hotel Finder serves more OTA´s interest now. Read more…


One more reason to keep eye on you hotel rate parity in between OTA´s – it´s clearly seen in Google Hotel Finder which the cheapest OTA to BOOK!
Now there is a new feature – AdWords – like Promoted Hotels in Google Hotel Finder. The new ad format in Google Hotel Finder, which pits online travel agencies bidding against hotels for ads about their own properties, is called Promoted Hotels.

Promoted Hotels in Google Hotel Finder | eDream Hotels News


In this case there is only one link under BOOK button and this can be also hotel website directly if hotel buy the AdWord in Google Hotel Finder.
Google Hotel Finder is under experimental now, but keep eye on that as Google is playing already incredible big role in the process how clients are finding and choosing hotels and this role will increase.

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